One time use, high quality high security. Easily manage your attendees.
> Black Light Security
> Consecutive Numbered
> Tamper Resistant Security Adhesive

High security slit pattern

Black Light security

One time use only

Consecutive numbered

Tamper-proof slit pattern makes it impossible to remove without destroying the wristband.
All our wristbands include the black light security shield symbol.
The Adhesive extends right to the edge of the wristband adding to the difficulty in defeating the security seal.
Wristbands come in perforated sheets of 10. Separation is quick and easy for fast distribution.
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Choose from our selection of vibrant colours. These can be ordered as is or customized for a unique style.

Vibrant Color Choice


Sold by the box or case

Versatile buying options for color and quantity. Mix colors by the box and easily identify different restriction within your event. 
> 10 per sheet
> 1,000 per box
> 20,000 per case


We are a prime manufacturer of high security Tyvek® wristband products for hospitality and entertainment markets world-wide.
In addition to Tyvek® wristbands, we offer a wide range of materials, colors and sizes to accommodate any application and price point.

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